by Angie Spring


As of July this year we will have been running Messy Church for 5years which has been a lot of fun and some hard work!  We could not carry out what we do for the children without the help of our wonderful team who help plan, bring food and do all things messy and clear up afterwards.

We now have a real core group of families who also support us at the Source and at weekly services when they can, which is great. Our monthly Sunday afternoons are always fun; recently we have been... using hammers and nails, making ice-cream star cakes, sewing lavender bags and of course using loads of messy paint to make our famous big pictures. 

Worship and music is very important to us in our sessions;  there's usually noisy instruments involved and marching around the church - thanks go to Jeanette and Rich. Drama is also important and thanks to Bernard's direction always works well to get the story across. 

I would also like to thank Jenny, Marion, Alison, Ken, Sheila and Anne who make the sessions go smoothly every time. We always end with a shared tea which is a special time for us all to get to know our families and them us and there are always lots of goodies to eat. 

I hope I have covered everything and not missed any thankyous; I believe that the children will learn to love our Lord through these sessions so long may they continue.