During this challenging time, we are having to be imaginative in finding ways to support each other and the world around us. Here's a list of things that are useful to know at the moment:


All our churches are closed for services for the time being, but you can take part in online services (via Youtube or Facebook) by following links at Stroud Parish churches website: Click here 


We're agreeing to try and pray for each other and the world at 10.10am each day. Praying at the same time as others can be reassuring even if we can't see them.

We're trying to keep Trinity open during the day for quiet individual prayer and contemplation.

We're also working on a prayer network where people can raise requests for prayer: more on this as it emerges.


Everyone at Trinity is part of a 'phone buddy' group, so you should receive a call from someone checking on how you are. If you don't know which group you're in call Sue Jackson on 

07534 104519

or 01453 763922


Home Communion packs are now available. The idea is that we use them whilst taking part in the Sunday online service. You can find the online services at Stroud Parish churches website: Click here 

Contact Sue Jackson on 07534 104519 if you would like a pack to be delivered to you.


Stroud Foodbank are under enormous pressure at the moment. You can donate via this link

The Long Table (part of Grace Network) are offering a meal delivery service; follow this link for details.

Stroud Community Response's website has a wealth of information about what's happening and available in this area: follow this link